We are a family business with a long tradition and we attach great importance to trustworthiness and a personal touch when dealing with each other and with customers. The company is deeply rooted in the local area but at the same time is open-minded to the technical innovations available on the world market. Although East Tyrol is our home, we are active all over the world.

1.) We are indebted to the generations before us for creating the foundations of the company which have made our business what it is today. The Theurl Holz ethos draws on this rich family tradition and history whilst at the same time keeping its finger on the pulse of technical developments.

2.) We value personal business integrity and agreements and promises finalised with a handshake signify binding commitments for us. Lengthy contracts are unnecessary – it is enough just to know that we treat our customers as people and as equal partners. As is customary in our region, our word is our bond.

3.) We are supportive and sympathetic when dealing with our employees and our customers. We value every member of staff for the skills, abilities and qualities they have to offer and give them the opportunity to express their opinions. This helps us learn from each other and reach the best solutions to any problems.

4.) Every employee is an entrepreneur for the company. All staff members take their work role seriously and sees themselves as making the whole stronger than the sum of its individual people.

5.) Our aim is to be down-to-earth and straightforward in our day-to-day business. Though deeply-rooted in the local region, we live and behave in a way that harmonises with the rural environment and we keep in touch with reality. Small customers are just as valuable to us as large ones. Whilst our home is East Tyrol and we prefer to stay firmly grounded, our minds are open and we are active worldwide.

6.) It is actually because we have our feet firmly on the ground that we are open-minded to innovation and the latest trends. The technology available to our industry worldwide guarantees that we remain competitive so we can secure jobs for our local area.

7.) We regard the raw material sourced from our local area as the lifeblood of our company and therefore we treat it with care and respect. In doing so, we regard ourselves as the link between this material and the production and distribution of top-quality timber products.