As an advanced company operating at the peak of technology, we have not only a responsibility towards our customers, our employees and our own family history – we also want to expand steadily at a sensible rate and stay ahead of the game in terms of technology. This inevitably leads to a responsibility towards the environment.

Since 2005, our operation has been supplied by energy produced in-house in our biomass combined heat and power unit. The amount of energy needed to gently and gradually dry out timber should not be underestimated, so in-house energy production makes both ecological and economic sense. Taking this route allows us to do something that certainly doesn’t happen automatically – by this we mean processing the waste from the timber delivered to us.

The system of recycling wood from the forest right through to generating energy is carbon neutral, hence our policy promotes sustainability and environmental compatibility. As a family-owned enterprise, we have a strong ethic to preserve what is special and precious in our natural surroundings, for the benefit of generations to come.