Our log centre receives deliveries of roundwood brought in by local hauliers from a radius of around 100 km. We can guarantee the best quality raw material sourced from these surrounding areas as the Alpine trees grown here produce premium quality wood.

Working in partnership with our suppliers is very close to our heart. When purchasing roundwood, it is important that the deliveries from the forest and the measuring processes are trouble-free and transparent.

Log yard processes involve precision, so we utilise the latest technology and the most advanced machinery available for these. In addition to this, our log yard was completely renovated as recently as 2011.

So what happens in the log yard? First of all, the logs are debarked and then they are measured. The quantity of logs delivered is then accurately identified by means of 3D measuring equipment. The next step involves trimming both ends to create straight cutting surfaces. Finally, the various grades are automatically sorted and placed into temporary storage. We are committed to producing top quality final products throughout the entire production process which means the timber must be processed quickly to eliminate any risk of damage during storage.

With Theurl you are assured of a reliable partner for whom cutting-edge technology, reliability, trustworthiness and a human touch in all dealings go hand in hand.