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90 Years and Beyond

Some trees are thousands of years old, but they hardly seem to age over time. In contrast, the 90-year-old family company THEURL from East Tyrol can confidently be called a youngster. Perhaps it’s the innovative spirit and passion of these wood experts, now in their fourth generation, which acts as a fountain of youth. However, this successful industrial partner outgrew its infancy long before this impressive company anniversary. Over the decades, THEURL has succeeded in continuously developing, making important strides and creating products that suit the demand of the market of the future. Standing still means aging. So, the motto for the coming decades is: 90 years and beyond.


generations of motivation 


years dedicated to timber 


employees who love working with timber


In 1932, Peter Theurl demonstrated both courage and an innovator’s determination when he bought the Weilerhof in Assling. The East Tyrolean mountain farmer's son successfully produced sawn timber in his small sawmill. With the company’s relocation to the “sunny side” in 1950, Peter Theurl laid the foundation for the following generations. Full of self-confidence, the entrepreneur also defied the global economic crisis and showed his sons how willingness to take risks, chance and a little bit of luck can lead to lasting success.


By the second generation, sons Hans and Seppl Theurl began strengthening the company in the 1950s, thus setting the direction for its future growth in the following years. In this period, THEURL’s headquarters in Assling grew steadily and the first successful sawn timber exports to Italy marked an important milestone when it comes to entering new markets. THEURL began gaining in importance nationwide and company awareness in the industry was on the up. In 1982, the brothers entered the wood finishing business with the construction of a planing mill.


In the 1990s, the cousins Hannes and Stefan Theurl took over management of the family business. They focused on investments in the future, continued expansion of the company and ensured that the THEURL brand became well known both in German-speaking countries and worldwide. From green electricity sourced from their own biomass power plant, to the construction of a new sawing hall and glulam factory: Hannes and Stefan Theurl made sure they employed innovation and the latest technology in all areas. In 2020, THEURL began operation of the new Steinfeld site, where the company produces its high-tech product CLTPLUS.


With Theresa, Roland, Daniel, Nico, Lisa and Gerald, the fourth generation of Theurls is already at the starting blocks. Active cooperation with managing directors Hannes and Stefan Theurl probably offers the best schooling for future challenges and opportunities in the company. The decades have shown that fascination for technology and passion for quality seems to be common to all Theurls. The perfect basis for carrying the philosophy of the family company into the next 90 years: at THEURL, sustainable success is based on tradition and craftsmanship, the future builds on innovation-driven technologies.


Cohesion, idealism, drive and pioneering spirit. Without these values, the modern family company THEURL would probably not be where it is today. Over the generations, all family members have employed innovation, trustworthiness and reliability – without ever shying away from investing in the future or opening up new markets. This forward-looking and sustainable thinking also applies to wood, as a natural resource, and the most valuable asset on-site: the employees. The corporate philosophy has always been based on the principle of achieving more together. Because it’s only possible to create outstanding and meaningful solutions today for the timber construction of the future, if you are enthusiastic about your own work.