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High-tech timber construction solution fulfilling all requirements

Together, CLTPLUS and cross-laminated timber are an unbeatable team. Theurl offers both products as a complete system from a single source. In this way, interfaces can be optimally coordinated from as early on as in the planning phase, and nothing is in the way of the millimetre-precision connection of the components. This leads to high-tech complete timber construction solutions which are technically and economically convincing. We offer our customers one timber construction solution – from technical knowledge anddesign to production and logistics. The shared willingness to shift the limits of the feasible makes us a strong industrial partner for timber construction.



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Cross Laminated Timber by Theurl

The future begins with CLTPLUS

Energy-efficient, durable, recyclable, extremely resistant and CO2 neutral: Could a construction material be any more versatile? At least three layers of cross-laminated board make CLT an almost universally applicable, particularly stable product: the large-format solid wood CLT boards are used to form wall, ceiling or roof elements. The high level of pre-fabrication permits short construction times without drying phases. CLT in a quality that does not require masking also creates a comfortable atmosphere and high room quality.

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CLT technology

High stability

The timber layers are ...

The timber layers are pressed with alternating core sides in the central positions. This means that higher form stability and dimensional accuracy is obtained for the elements.

THEURL inside coding

Each timber layer receives ...

Each timber layer receives an individual code which is invisible from the outside. This makes the origin of each component traceable for life.

Surface processing

We sand our ...

We sand our CLT elements in the grain direction to emphasise the natural structure of the high-quality mountain timber. In visible components, this procedure optimally emphasizes the qualities of the surface.

Narrow side adhesion

The individual timber ...

The individual timber layers are first glued to form a one-layer board to create high air density. At the same time, this procedure increases the stability and enhances the stiffness and earthquake protection.

Pressing power

For an optimal ...

For an optimal and even pressing result, our CLTPLUS components are manufactured by using the latest pressing technology with a pressing power of 1 N/mm².

Bending stiffness

Various timber layer thicknesses in ...

Various timber layer thicknesses in the layer structure adapt the bearing capacity of the component to the requirements of the statics. The component structure, which is specifically adapted to the load, reliably absorbs the forces.

One product -
many benefits

Natural & sustainable

CO2-neutral material

Solid wood structures offer a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Its good insulation properties produce a slow phase shift, permitting year-round pleasant temperatures in buildings. CLT PLUS is a certified and proven CO2-neutral material from sustainable forestry which makes ecological construction easy.


combination with other materials.

Components made from CLT are characterised by high accuracy and a precise pre-fabrication process. The free choice of dimensions permits individual design of the construction project. Depending on the specific construction task, the solid wood components are also highly suitable for combination with other materials.

Economical & lasting value

high level of pre-fabrication

Construction elements made from CLTPLUS are pre-fabricated in the factory, independent of weather conditions. The high level of pre-fabrication results in an economical design, in particular due to the short set-up and construction time. The low noise and dust pollution of assembly is also a positive factor in solid wood construction. The low component thickness compared to mineral wall structures results in additional space gain and higher efficiency.


excellent fire safety properties

A support structure made from CLTPLUS is a static system with many positive properties. This means that buildings with several floors can also be created. The cross-gluing of the individual panels maximises the tensile strength and dimensional stability of the material. Its simultaneous flexibility means that a CLTPLUSstructure offers high earthquake safety. The combustion layers ensure that the support structure has excellent fire safety properties and is therefore a genuine high-tech product.


Cross Laminated Timber by THEURL

Glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber

More than standard, clever solutions

The challenging living conditions  in the mountains strengthen the  resilience of the spruces.  Spruce wood is therefore the  perfect material for our glued  laminated timber production. Easy workability and high strength are the key characteristics and  qualities of glued laminated timber.



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Glued laminated timber


Holzart: heimische

Holzart: heimische Fichte (Lärche auf Anfrage)
Lamellenstärke: 40 mm
Holzfeuchte: 11% +/- 2,5%
Oberfl äche: Sicht- oder Industriequalität, 4-seitig gehobelt, Kanten gefast
Festigkeitsklasse: GL 20h, GL 24h, GL 28c, GL 30c, GL 32c


Produktnorm: EN 14080:2013

Produktnorm: EN 14080:2013
Keilzinken: EN 385:2002
Sortierung: maschinell gemäß DIN 4074-4 und EN 14081-1
Verleimung: MUF-Melaminharzharnstoffl eim bewitterungsfest, transparente Leimfuge


Breite: 60 – 280 mm

Breite: 60 – 280 mm
Höhe: 120 – 1280 mm
Länge: mind. 6 m – max. 18 m


THEURL glued laminated timber is made of at least two lamellas. The load capacity is much greater than that of conventional timber, due to the layered structure. Another quality characteristic is the selected knotless wood, which is glued parallel to the fi bre and planed on four sides, resulting in aesthetically pleasing functional components. The automatic testing of each individual lamella is standard. The exact strength class is determined by the Microtec GOLDENEYE, pursuant to Önorm EN 14081-1.


Theurl guarantees the highest quality. 

THEURL produces ready-to-fit glue laminated timber. Dimensional accuracy and perfect surfaces help to reduce construction time and costs.


Produktkatalog Products

Joinery service

Your plan, our precision

Anything is possible. There is  a solution for everything –  even the most complex wooden structure. We convert your  project into impressive, high-quality CNC components. State-of-the-art processing machines cut wood into any shape quickly and precisely. Together with our customers, we are aiming to take timber construction into a new  dimension.


With computer-assisted manufacturing, THEURL meets the highest precision and quality  requirements of modern timber construction. In our assembly facilities, we carefully and  expertly produce individual wooden structures measuring up to 18 m in length and 1.25 m  in height. The years of experience of our employees and the high precision of the three joinery machines play an important role in this. They guarantee sustainable customer service.  Specifically, everything from the realisation of the design as ready-to-install and millimetre- accurate components, to the quality control at the end of processing, is covered.

The joinery service - a quantum leap!

Our joinery service centre combines traditional manual work with modern technology. It serves as an interface through which we can fully meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Initial consultation: Your project is accepted, a plan is drafted, and the costs are calculated. The wooden components then take shape in the joinery station. The state-of-the-art joinery station allows millimetre-precise production in no time. This enables a high degree of fl exibility thanks to fast and optimal construction while keeping to the deadlines, as well as through calculable cost savings and top-quality construction elements.


Produktkatalog Products

planed products

nature refined, visible elegance

In our planing mill, state-of-the-art  technology is used to process the planed timber, form boards, strip flooring and sawn timber. A powerful planing machine smooths rough spruce and larch boards, and brings the wonderful fine-grain wood structures to light.

planed products

Only monitored, pre-sorted sawn timber of the best quality is processed in our planing mill. The most fi nely-tuned planing heads refi ne natural products, and reveal the true beauty of the wood grain. Fine-fi bred planed items with smooth surfaces, which meet the highest design requirements both inside and outside


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Sawn Timber

precise cutting, wide range of products

The spruce, which is insensitive to cold,  is an essential Alpine tree, and the ideal  construction material. It is felled, cut,  trimmed, debarked and measured, and then cut in our sawmill into square timber, slats, or narrow / wide / prismatic sawn wood.  We meet individual customer needs in the shortest possible time, and to the  expected quality.

sawn timber

Sawn timber is shaped round timber. Fine-grained Alpine spruce wood is cut parallel to the trunk axis. This, and the careful drying, guarantee wood products of perfect shape for every application. The fi nal inspection is carried out by highly-experienced employees, who sort the sawn timber into quality classes. 


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