The surrounding areas provide us with first-class timber and therefore the raw material to achieve excellent quality in our glued laminated timber products. Our joinery centre is at the heart of the services we offer. This is where we process your components with precision and according to your expectations and preferences. Because our construction kits are ready for installation and simply need assembling, your construction time is reduced as are the associated costs.

Joinery Services Centre

Here at Theurl we strive for perfection combined with efficiency and flexibility. From a technical viewpoint, we have confidence in our Hundegger machinery to achieve this:

  • Hundegger K2i 1250 ROBOT
  • Hundegger K2i 1250 5-axis
  • Hundegger K2 625 5-axis

Has your project been prepared using Sema, CADwork or Dietrich’s software? If the answer is yes, your file can be transferred to production and used straight away. If you have chosen another format, this is not a problem as we are happy to rework any other format for you. In either case, your project is in the right place in our professional hands.

Practically anything is possible: we can easily handle any type of machining or connection used in timber construction, even freely designed profiling is no problem for us to produce.


Flexibility, productivity and best use of materials are our top priorities. We can guarantee you optimum profitability by saving you both cost and time, and we attach great importance to accuracy in our processing. Our scheduling staff offer the best customer care possible. Our fully-qualified, experienced carpenters are here to give you professional advice and planning assistance. State-of-the-art technology allows for rapid, custom-made production with a wide range of machining options. We attach the same importance to making innovative, premium products as we do to providing a fair price structure. Delivering ready-to-install systems on time is just part of what we do. We have routine quality controls in place and we work towards continuous development on a daily basis.

Our overriding aim is to convince you of the passion and perfection we have in our work; if we succeed in this, and if both you and your customers are satisfied, then we have achieved our main goal.