For the production of our premium laminated timber we use first-class locally-grown Alpine timber from our own sawmill. With the aid of advanced production methods, we manufacture glued laminated timber goods that can withstand high static loads.

Each individual lamella is inspected in a fully-automatic process and must meet superior quality criteria. In accordance with Austrian standard EN 14081-1, a Microtec GOLDENEYE scanner is used to determine the exact strength category. The categories achievable for this type of timber using this technology are GL 20h, GL 24h, GL 28c, GL 30c, GL 32c.

Theurl is qualified to label all products with a CE conformity marking. External monitoring is carried out by the Materials Testing Institute of the University of Stuttgart.

What really matters to us is fast, customer-specific production, streamlined order processing and total customer focus. In addition, our joinery centre with its Hundegger K2 625 and K2i 1250 machines is capable of carrying out the preparatory work for the final assembly of your construction.


  • First-class Austrian timber which fulfils the highest quality requirements
  • Precision in sawing and drying is ensured with our own sawmill.
  • Each individual lamella undergoes strict inspection by a Microtec GOLDENEYE 706 scanner.
  • Made-to-order, custom production goes hand in hand with using state-of-the-art production equipment.
  • Through a combination of sawn timber and planed products we are able to offer a broad product range.
  • Our competent staff are there to give the best customer service they can.
  • Ongoing quality controls and continuous development feature on our agenda every day.


Glued laminated timber (or glulam) has a major advantage: it is very easy to work with and has a significantly lower dead weight than concrete. And not only that, because it can grow again, wood is the only truly sustainable construction material on the planet. All this points to timber being the construction material of the future. Alongside all these properties, glulam also has the ability to create a pleasant, warm and harmonious indoor climate.

Theurl manufactures ready-to-assemble ceiling elements with a wide range of options for joining. The fact that these construction parts can be joined quickly and accurately means a potential huge saving in assembly time and the associated costs. Another advantage is the minimal moisture content at installation which enables construction to continue without delay. It also creates a visually appealing ready ceiling.


Block planks provide a really special, homely Alpine atmosphere which cannot compare with anything else. But they also possess quite rigid properties which explain their success. With their moisture-regulating properties and good heat, sound and fire protection ratings, they create a pleasant interior climate. Both sides make a visible surface ready for use with the option of a number of design variations. The construction components are ready for installation upon delivery and can be joined quickly and accurately.


Our Duo Beams meet even the most discerning aesthetic and design requirements. They possess the character of solid wood and are visible, dimensionally stable components with key features and advantages. Their appearance of classic beams, their superb load carrying capacity and the high quality of our selected timber combine to make them the ideal choice for discerning construction projects.