Planing produces wood chips and shavings, and we can’t avoid that. But the wood that is left over when we work by hand or machine is processed in its entirety because we also regard by-products to be a valuable raw material. Wood is carbon neutral, with the CO2 absorbed as young trees grow compensating for that released by burning.

By recycling bark, off-cuts, wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings we can close the wood recycling loop. Waste wood can be used by the recycling industry as an important energy store and the basis for a variety of products. We take responsibility for our environment and are steadily improving in this area. It matters that we refine this limited raw material as far as possible and we see to it that our production process is as considerate to the environment and as energy-saving as we can make it. Waste wood has two functions with Theurl: firstly, as an important raw material for our own bioenergy plant; and secondly, we are a major supplier of raw material to the processing industry.