Our long-standing company history allows us to look back across the years of change, decision-making and progress. With such a clear historical view we are in a strong position to see how our company has changed over time, how it has grown and how it has arrived where it is today.

We firmly believe that our history and our past define what we are now and how we will develop in the future. History runs through our company like a common thread and is shaped by family. We would now like to briefly share the eventful history of “Theurl Holz” with you:

Changes, decisions, handing over to the next generation…

1932 In this year, the foundation was laid down for what was to follow. Our grandfather, Peter Theurl, displayed courage and innovative spirit when he acquired land in Weilerhof, Assling, through a compulsory auction. It comprised a property with a Venetian saw on which sawn and construction timber was then produced.

1950 During the post-war years, the issue was raised as to whether the company should be relocated. Again, our grandfather Peter Theurl showed entrepreneurial courage and ventured down this very route. So the business was relocated to the “sunny side” of the valley. This essential change laid down the foundation stone for the company’s continued growth. Around this time, Peter’s three sons Hans, Konrad and Josef, had already started working for the company. Initial exports of sawn timber to Italy signalled growth and the increasing regional and national significance of Theurl Hols.

1969 The firm underwent another fundamental change. Not only did the three sons take over the company, but a further relocation took place: this time to the site where the sawmill still stands today. Step by step, a modern sawmill rose up on this land. Gradually, an entire Italian distribution network emerged from initial exports to Italy in the 50s and early 60s. A number of technical improvements and innovations from around the world were increasingly introduced into the company.

1977 Building on the pioneering spirit of our grandfather Peter Theurl, we decided to become the first sawmill in Austria to invest in a wood drying plant. Despite scepticism from many quarters, our intuition proved to be correct. Ultimately, this investment in an artificial wood drying system has brought us the significant competitive advantage of improved delivery times and transport costs.

1982 was the year when another important milestone was reached: we built a planing mill and so entered the area of wood refining. Ever since then, we have been able to produce planed products, timber flooring and other timber profiles, which has greatly enlarged our customer base and has made us an attractive partner for a large number of diverse companies.

1985 By this time we had increased our cutting capacity to 150,000 solid cubic metres and further steps to expand the business were brought in on an ongoing basis.

1995 & 1999 Time for a change of generation: Hannes and Stefan Theurl took over the executive board. Under their leadership, the business underwent numerous improvements.

2005 saw the start of an extensive upgrade programme. Construction of the biomass cogeneration plant for heat and energy for gentle drying was an important step on the road to where we stand today.

2006 Once again, major enhancements and progress took place which took us in the right direction: Theurl Holzindustrie GmbH was founded on 21st February 2006 as a subsidiary of Brüder Theurl GmbH. With the addition of the new glued laminated timber plant, we finally became a full-service supplier.

2011 A new ultra-modern planing mill was built for producing all kinds of profiles, resulting in our company being even more attractive to customers and business partners.

2012 Upgrade of the joinery centre with the purchase of a Hundegger K2i which represented the latest in innovative technology and made it possible to supply our customers with the most up-to-date joinery products. We had been gaining experience in this area since 2007, so with this second machine we managed to enhance our competitiveness. We employ qualified technicians in our planning department and subsequent machining is carried out by qualified specialists… so top quality is guaranteed!

2013 – 2014 There are no signs of any slowdown. In fact, we are planning to refurbish the core of the sawmill. A new saw line will be installed with processing equipment used for the first time in Austria. Today, our passion for innovation still burns brightly and we will continue to be open to new ideas, enhancements and upgrades, to stay competitive and keep our finger on the pulse of our sector.