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Theurl Warehouse and logistics

Warehouse · logistics

Theurl plant technicians

Plant technicians

Theurl career administration and sales

Administration · sales

Theurl Timber construction technology

Timber construction technology


Machine and system operation, shift management, production employees, work scheduling


In all production steps, we work with state-of-the-art technology, and in accordance with the principles of ergonomics and resource conservation. The combination of human skill and machine efficiency is the foundation of our operations, and is valued by both our employees and our customers. At THEURL, all doors are open to motivated employees. Because of this, many employees have completed in-house or additional training to become technicians or shift supervisors. Our managers primarily work for our company in other roles before being appointed. Behind every successful company is a motivated, strong team. That is on all levels.


Currently open jobs

Warehouse · logistics

Order picking and crane operators, drivers for forklifts, trucks, highlifters, wheel loaders or excavators


Our warehouse and logistics employees are characterised by optimal planning, coordination and skill. Our own fleet of vehicles enables fast processes, optimal order picking and punctual deliveries. Together with strong logistics partners, we can supply our customers with THEURL solid wood construction products. Our sophisticated IT tools make a significant contribution to the flexibility, sustainability and efficiency of the processes. 


Currently open jobs

Plant technicians

PLC programmers, electrical technicians and industrial electricians · Employees in the field of mechanical engineering, metal technology and locksmithing · IT technician 

The commissioning, programming, maintenance and optimisation of the modern and high-performance production facilities in the wood industry, as well as the entire safety equipment, require a high level of know-how, speed, precision and concentration. In the event of damage, top performance must be demanded from the technology so that the production flow of CLTPLUS, glued laminated timber, planed goods and sawn timber is not interrupted, or can restart as soon as possible. Regular maintenance and further training are therefore essential and are also part of the tasks of the THEURL operating technicians.


Currently open jobs

Administration · sales

External and internal sales, logistical project management, human resources, payroll accounting, controlling, accounting, marketing, reception


At THEURL, employees work with a special sense of what is decisive for success. Young professionals can use their skills to their best abilities, develop them further and take on responsibility right from the start. Professional action and short decision-making paths are part of our one-contact philosophy. They guarantee a high degree of flexibility and reliability. We promote a sense of balance among our employees with THEURL benefits in order to keep private and professional goals in harmony.


Currently open jobs

Internal sales

The internal sales service handles our customer projects independently and cooperates closely with the field staff. They are the internal interface between timber construction technology, production and logistics. In short, the members of the THEURL internal sales team keep their eyes on everything.

Logistic project management

The organisation and planning of our transports for the solid wood construction products is carried out by the logistic project management in Steinfeld and Assling. Using our modern loading space optimisation software solution, they plan loading according to assembly sequences and enable precise delivery of our products CLTPLUS, glued laminted timber, planed goods and sawn timber to the construction site. You also check the delivery quantities and dates and coordinate the transport processing between sales, production, customers and logistics partners.

Timber construction technology

Technical draftsman, timber construction technician, structural draftsman, CNC system operator, joiner


Digitization has fundamentally changed carpentry work. A high degree of prefabrication and a millimetre-precision joining of the components CLTPLUS and glued laminted timber with CNC systems is standard nowadays. Carpenters, CNC technicians, technical draftsmen and timber construction technicians are part of the THEURL timber construction team. 


Currently open jobs

Wood construction technician / technical draftsman / structural draftsman

THEURL timber construction technicians work closely with our timber construction partners. They take over, control and work out 3D plans with SEMA, Dietrich’s, cadwork and hsbcard for structural timber construction. They create factory plans for glued laminted timber and CLTPLUS production, but also plans that our customers need to approve. They are part of the work preparation and realisation of the projects.

CNC system operator

Setting up, setting up and operating the CNC systems is one of the tasks of the CNC system operator. The finished product is still checked for quality and handed over to the picking department.

Employee benefits

Our employees are important to us. That’s why we offer a wide variety of additional benefits in addition to a career in the timber industry to help you feel good at your workplace.

Theurl benefits food vouchers

Food vouchers

Every month TEAMTHEURL receives vouchers for selected regional grocery stores to pay for snacks.

Theurl benefits staff clothing

Staff clothing

Every production employee is provided with an extensive range of work and safety clothing. 

Theurl benefits occupational health care

Occupational health care

Our company doctor takes care of health issues, offers vaccination campaigns and advises on how a healthy lifestyle is possible.

Theurl benefits professional training and continuing education

Professional training and continuing education

At THEURL, motivated and committed employees from all areas have the opportunity to undergo training and thereby further develop the company and themselves.

Theurl benefits snacks and drinks

Snacks and drinks

Our THEURL employees are regularly surprised with fresh fruit, cold refreshments and healthy snacks.

Theurl benefits gifts


On birthdays, Christmas and company anniversaries, employees receive small gifts to show that TEAMTHEURL values their commitment and loyalty.

Theurl benefits events and excursions

Events and excursions

Daily success is celebrated together at TEAMTHEURL at various events and excursions.

Theurl benefits recreation zones

Recreation zones 

Take a relaxing break at the company's oasis – the small pond, the roof terrace and cosy lounges.