Training at THEURL · apprenticeships in the timber industry

Professions at the crossroads of nature and high-tech: apprenticeships in the timber industry are varied and individual. A mixture of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and technical skills enable our timber engineering, metal engineering, electrical engineering and technical drawing apprentices to solve a wide variety of tasks in a professional manner.

There are many routes leading to your future career.
The right one is: YOUR OWN!

Here you can get a first insight into the areas of responsibility of apprenticeships in the timber industry. 

Cosa ti aspetta nell’apprendistato da THEURL

A contraddistinguere i nostri apprendisti non è solo un mestiere bensì la passione per il legno e per la tecnica. Ti diamo appoggio e ti prepariamo per il tuo futuro professionale.


You will get to know all areas of the company with their special tasks and technical equipment relating to wood and technology. After you have successfully completed your apprenticeship with us, we will take you on to a permanent position.

In-house training workshop

In Assling there is an in-house training workshop in which theoretical knowledge is deepened and practical experiments are carried out by our wood, metal and electrical technician apprentices.

Team and action

Our team is your team. You are part of it from day one and daily challenges are overcome together.

Apprentice trainer

Our apprentices are accompanied by their trainers throughout their entire apprenticeship and are on hand to provide advice.

Apprenticeship with university entrance qualification

As an employer, we not only encourage our employees to undergo regular training, but also offer additional educational and development opportunities and support you in the learning process.

Apprentice excursion

Every year an apprentice excursion is organized with the apprentices from all company areas, so that they can have fun and share their knowledge.

Trial apprenticeship at THEURL

Are you still not sure what you want to do? Come to try us out and experience the day-to-day life of our apprentices in Assling or Steinfeld. From the 8th class you can get a taste of our apprenticeships for up to 5 days at any time. Contact us or +43 4855 8411 335.

Frequently asked questions about apprenticeships at THEURL

A compulsory school leaving certificate is required. Depending on the apprenticeship, the apprenticeship lasts between three and four years. Depending on the school leaving certificate, the apprenticeship period can be shortened.

The presence of TEAMTHEURL can be felt in all areas. A three-person team overseas the organisation and further development of apprentices at THEURL. For all professions, have professional trainers who strive daily to convey the learning content.

We are happy if the parents show an interest, please call Doris Lang on +43 4855 8411 335 for more details.

Interest in the activities and the experience is the foundation for a good cooperation. We meet on an equal footing and are always open to discussing ideas with parents. 

It’s a good time to apply for the desired apprenticeship at THEURL from the beginning of the final school year. Vacant apprentice positions can always be found on our website, but you can apply for the apprenticeships all year round. 

After the successful end of the apprenticeship, we take on every apprentice in a permanent position and offer training and further education. With us, the young people have excellent, long-term prospects for a career.

The application process

Your path to an apprenticeship at THEURL


Apply for a trial or for a specific apprenticeship position. Prepare your résumé including your last school report, a photo and a short letter of motivation explaining why you are interested in an apprenticeship in the modern high performance timber industry business.


We invite you to try it out. On the trial days, you will be introduced to the entire company and especially your apprenticeship in the timber industry. At the end, you can also take a small workpiece home with you.


After the trial, you will be invited to an interview with your potential future apprenticeship instructor.


If everything goes well, you will receive an offer to become part of TEAMTHEURL.


At the start of your apprenticeship, you will receive your apprenticeship contract and your work clothing.

Lehre Doris Lang

Doris Lang

Our Human Resources department

+43 4855 8411 335