CLTPLUS ⸱ Cross laminated timber

The high-performance construction material with great potential. At least three layers of cross-laminated board make CLTPLUS an almost universally applicable stand-out product.

Production batch size 1

Inminimal waste

X-rayed raw timber layers

Timber framing precision-cut to the millimetre

Panel width
2,25 - 3,50 m

Various timber layer thicknesses
with a layer structure

Wall, roof and ceilings

Wall applications

One building product, unlimited uses. The structural and static benefits of CLTPLUS make it a real all-rounder in component planning. As an element with high static and stiffening properties, it can absorb and safely dissipate excessive vertical forces. Its excellent, characteristic insulating properties make it particularly interesting for the low-energy and passive house standard. Wall elements made of CLTPLUS also ensure a balanced room climate.

Roof and ceilings applications

The requirements of large spans with low component heights make CLTPLUS a good choice for ceilings and roof construction. Rigid and dimensionally stable, the components are able to dissipate horizontal loads in the corresponding static system. The high degree of prefabrication of the components guarantees that the next floor can be installed quickly.

Standard structures

C-panel · wall


Element typeThickness (mm)Element structure / lamella thickness(mm)

L-panel · ceilings and roofs


Element typeThickness (mm)Element structure / lamella thickness (mm)
L5 ⸱ 216030 ⸱ 24030 ⸱ 2    
L7 ⸱ 218030 ⸱ 220202030 ⸱ 2  
 20030 ⸱ 230203030 ⸱ 2  
 22040 ⸱ 220202040 ⸱ 2  
 24040 ⸱ 220402040 ⸱ 2  
 26040 ⸱ 230403040 ⸱ 2  
 28040 ⸱ 240404040 ⸱ 2  
L8 ⸱ 230040 ⸱ 23040 ⸱ 23040 ⸱ 2  
 32040 ⸱ 24040 ⸱ 24040 ⸱ 2  

CLTPLUS technology

High Stability

The timber layers are pressed with alternating core sides in the central positions. This means that higher form stability and dimensional accuracy is obtained for the elements.

Surface processing

We sand our CLT elements in the grain direction to emphasise the natural structure of the high-quality mountain timber. In visible components, this procedure optimally emphasizes the qualities of the surface.

Pressing power

For an optimal and even pressing result, our CLTPLUS components are manufactured by using the latest pressing technology with a pressing power of 1 N/mm².

THEURL inside coding

Each timber layer receives an individual code which is invisible from the outside. This makes the origin of each component traceable for life.

Narrow side adhesion

The individual timber layers are first glued to form a one-layer board to create high air density. At the same time, this procedure increases the stability and enhances the stiffness and earthquake protection.

Bending stiffness

Various timber layer thicknesses in the layer structure adapt the bearing capacity of the component to the requirements of the statics. The component structure, which is specifically adapted to the load, reliably absorbs the forces.

Naturally quality conscious

The quality characteristics are suitable for the various applications
and application requirements:

Visible quality (S)

The solid wood panel is suitable for visible living area. (Class 3)



  • Lamination width top layer ≤ 150 mm
  • Wood moisture 10 % (+/-2 %)
  • Edge gluing (in all layers)
  • Ingrown bark and Pith permitted individually

Industrial plus quality (I+)

Visible components for industrial and commercial buildings, but not recommended for residential areas. (Class 2)


  • Lamination width top layer max. 250 mm
  • Wood moisture 12 % (+/-2 %)
  • Edge gluing (in all layers)
  • Ingrown bark and pith permitted

Industrial quality (I)

The purely constructive solid wood panels are planked with other materials. (Class 1)



  • Lamination width top layer max. 250 mm
  • Wood moisture12 % (+/-2 %)
  • Edge gluing complete, acceptably joints up to max. 3 mm
  • Ingrown bark and pith permitted


Joinery service

A perfect marriage -
when hardware and software come together

State-of-the-art joinery machines install the CLTPLUS elements quickly and precisely within any form design. Together with our customers, we strive for new dimensions in timber construction.

CAD joinery: a virtual data framework

Our internal, technical timber construction team works closely with our customers to ensure that your components are manufactured exactly according to plan. Our systems support all common CAD programs such as SEMA, Dietrich’s, CADWork and HSB CAD. This enables us to communicate in the “native design language” of our customers.

Our service

The success of your project lies close to our hearts. With our one-stop shop philosophy, we support our customers throughout project development as closely as possible. There’s no confusion about our responsibilities, with us you will always have the right partner at your side – for everything from receiving your initial enquiries, through consultation, to technical project management.

Joinery service centre

The components are joined, fully automatically, in our joinery centre on the basis of the approved production and cutting plans. Our joinery systems can manufacture complete components for wall or floor elements from the master panels. Automated laser measurement of components determines the position of the elements on the production line with millimetre accuracy and thus guarantees the highest level of manufacturing precision. To ensure that the elements reach the construction site safely after they have been cut, they are packed and loaded together onto trucks according to design layout.

Joinery services

+ Formatting at right angles to the panel surface
+ Ceiling and wall timber framing – cut at right angles for the
 panel surface
+ Machined on both sides
+ Outlets and openings for beams, purlins and rafters
+ Deep-hole drilling electrical installation
+ Post-machining of corner curves

Editable dimensions

Panel dimensions
Max. length 16 m · Max. width 3,5 m · Max. thickness 320 mm


Joinery machine
Hundegger Gantry Machining Centre for Industry
5-axis universal milling unit
5-axis circular saw
5-axis chain saw
tolerance +/- 1,5 mm

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