Glued laminated timber

The challenging living conditions in the mountains strengthen the resilience of the spruces. Spruce wood is therefore the perfect material for our glued laminated timber production. Easy workability and high strength are the key characteristics and qualities of glued laminated timber.

General product information

THEURL produces ready-to-fit elements.
Dimensional accuracy and perfect surfaces help to reduce construction time and costs.

Width: 60 - 280 mm
Hight: 120 - 1280 mm
Length: min. 6 - max. 18 m

Thikness of lamellas 40 mm

Visual or industrial quality

Wood moisture content
11 % +/-2,5 %

Wood type
local spruce

Product standard
EN 14080:2013

Standard structures


Cross sectionQualittyStrength class
Width mmHight mmViewIndustryGL 20hGL 24hGL 28cGL 30cGL 32c
   Sort claassT 10T14T 22 (T 14)T 22 (T 14)T 26 (T 14)
60120 - 480     
80120 - 1280 
100120 - 1280 
120120 - 1280 
140120 - 1280 
160120 - 1280 
180120 - 1280 
200120 - 1280 
220120 - 1280 
240120 - 1280 
280120 - 1280 



Joinery service

Anything is possible

There is a solution for everything – even the most complex wooden structure. We convert your project into impressive, high-quality CNC components. State-of-the-art processing machines cut wood into any
shape quickly and precisely. Together with our customers, we are aiming to take timber construction into a new dimension.

Everthing under one roof

With computer-assisted manufacturing, THEURL meets the highest precision and quality requirements of modern timber construction. In our assembly facilities, we carefully and expertly produce individual wooden structures measuring up to 18 m in length and 1.25 m in height. The years of experience of our employees and the high precision of the three joinery machines play an important role in this. They guarantee sustainable customer service. Specifically, everything from the realisation of the design as ready-to-install and millimetreaccurate components, to the quality control at the end of processing, is covered.

The joinery service - a quantum leap

Our joinery service centre combines traditional manual work with modern technology. It serves as an interface through which we can fully meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Initial consultation: Your project is accepted, a plan is drafted, and the costs are calculated. The wooden components then take shape in the joinery station. The state-of-the-art joinery station allows millimetre-precise production in no time. This enables a high degree of fl exibility thanks to fast and optimal construction while keeping to the deadlines, as well as through calculable cost savings and top-quality construction elements.

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