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Big enough for the top league, but small enough to make every employee matter

THEURL Austrian Premium Timber is a family company which accepts responsibility for its employees and for the long-term success of the business, and is a reliable partner for its customers. 


For decades, THEURL has been an Austrian family company, which has been successful both at home and abroad. Today, THEURL Austrian Premium Timber is one of the world’s leading companies in the timber industry. We have always stood for quality, customer focus, flexibility and absolute punctuality.


Every single employee is essential to our success. A strong, distinctive team is the only sustainable competitive advantage of a company in economically challenging times. Fixed and current assets can be copied quickly, and similar products begin to appear. Ultimately, good employees who are reliable and committed to contribute to our development are the key to our success.



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What we do

What we do

Choosing a career is one of life’s most important decisions. However, many do not know what their future workplace looks like, or with whom they will be working, or whether or not they will fit into the team when they sign a contract. Because of that, we would like to give you an insight into each of the areas in which we work.


In all production steps, we work with state-of-the-art technology, and in accordance with the principles of ergonomics and resource conservation. The combination of human skill and machine efficiency is the foundation of our operations, and is valued by both our employees and our customers. At Theurl, all doors are open to motivated employees. Because of this, many employees have completed in-house or additional training to become technicians or shift supervisors. Our managers primarily work for our company in other roles before being appointed. Behind every successful company is a motivated, strong team. That is on all levels.

Log Centre

Employees in the Log Centre are distinguished by their expertise of the types and qualities of wood, their skilful operation of the machinery and equipment, and their logistical skills in various processes.


Operating, controlling and monitoring production facilities requires reliability, a sense of responsibility, and team spirit. Everyone is interdependent – irrespective of whether they are involved in controlling, sorting or grinding.

Planing mill

The perfect preparation of exterior and interior formwork, as well as the production of high-quality floors, is guaranteed on the one hand by our modern technology, and on the other hand by the trained eyes of our employees.

Theurl guarantees the highest quality.

We place emphasis on giving the best advice, and delivering sustainable products.

Laminated timber plant

In the laminated timber plant, we produce according to customer requirements, first and foremost. The processes require precision, flexibility and logistical skills. Team spirit and a sense of responsibility are also required for working in a three-shift operation.

Joinery service centre

Digitisation has fundamentally changed carpentry. Millimetre-precise joining with CNC machinery is standard practice today. Carpenters, CNC technicians and technical drawers are all part of the carpentry team. 

Warehouse / logistics

Our warehouse and logistics employees are distinguished by their optimal planning, coordination and skills. The company’s fleet of vehicles enables fast processes, optimal picking and punctual deliveries. Our sophisticated IT tools contribute significantly to the flexibility and efficiency of the processes.

"Our capital is our staff, along with their knowledge and experience."

Administration and sales

At Theurl, employees work knowing what is important for our success. Young professionals can make the most of their abilities, develop their skills, and take on responsibility right from the start. Professional conduct and short decision-making processes are important success factors for us. We promote the well-being of our employees in order to keep their private and professional goals in harmony.

Plant technicians

Maintaining and servicing the high-tech machinery, as well as the safety devices, all requires a high level of plant knowledge, speed, precision and concentration. In the event of damage, an outstanding performance is required on the part of the maintenance personnel so that the flow of production is not interrupted or, where required, the machine can be restarted as quickly as possible. Regular maintenance is therefore essential, and is also part of the tasks of the plant technicians.

What we stand for

We are based in East Tyrol, but work all over the world

A family company with a sense of responsibility

We are family company with a long-standing tradition. We attach great importance to keeping our promises, and interpersonal skills when communicating with each other and with our customers. We are firmly rooted in the region, but are fully open to technical innovations which come onto the world market. Our employees form one of the most important pillars of our business.

We place great value on taking our employees seriously in their skills, abilities and personal qualities. Our employees should see themselves both as an important piece of the jigsaw, and as someone whose opinion and perspective count and are important.

Where we are

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