Apprenticeship metal technician

A metal technician is always in action.

During your training, you will learn about bolting, drilling, milling, turning and welding. You will also manufacture machine components and spare parts, as well as building, assembling and commissioning machines and plants.

You will learn all of this and more in your apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer. These include: 


  • Manufacturing, assembling, mounting and maintaining workpieces and machine components with various systems and controls
  • Welding techniques, hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Get to know the technical requirements of the production systems
  • Searching for and correcting errors and malfunctions on machines and components

Facts apprenticeship metal technician (m/f)

Duration:3.5 - 4 years 

2 years metal technology basic module

1.5 years machining technology main module

0.5 years specialisation in automation also possible

Vocational school:Tyrolean vocational school in Lienz