Apprenticeship wood technician

The demand for jobs involving the raw material wood is greater than ever. 

At THEURL, it’s all about wood. Today in particular, it is an enormous advantage to learn a tangible skill that is in demand on the job market. The combination of modern production equipment and the technical expertise of our wood technicians leads to the optimal processing of our products, e.g. sawn timber, planed timber and glued laminated timber.

The apprenticeship to become a timber construction technician is versatile and varied. During the training phase, you will acquire specialist know-how step by step in numerous company areas. Also includes:

-    The operation and maintenance of computer-controlled woodworking machines, e.g. log sorting,
      sawing and large-dimension wood line
-    The creation and optimisation of layout calculations forms part of the commercial training
-    Professional drying and storage of the sawn timber
-    Monitoring of the conveyor systems and production lines as well as the implementation of the
      necessary quality control
-    Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrotechnical functions of systems related to maintenance and repair

Facts wood technology apprenticeshop (m/f)

Duration:3 years 

2 years wood technology basic module

1 year main module in sawing technology or material production

Vocational school:Vocational school for wood technology in Kuchl


Then and now

I am doing an apprenticeship as a wood technician and I’m gaining a lot of practical experience during my training. I like wood as a raw material because it’s not as predictable as metal. Every day as a wood technician is varied – whether in production, in work preparation or in machine technology.

Dorian Granegger, wood technology apprenticeship 2020

I was one of the first apprentices in the company and was trained as a saw operator. My day-to-day work was very different back then: most of the machines that we use didn't exist yet, we had to work a lot more with our hands. We didn't have a training plan like today. My training lasted three years, and I went to vocational school in Kuchl, just like the apprentices do today. The teaching was completely different because the processes and procedures have changed so much. The workplaces are also better equipped. The work is no longer so physically arduous, but more mentally demanding.

Bruno Stocker, saw operator apprenticeship 1976