Apprenticeship electrical engineer

Machinery, plants, factories – nothing would be able to run without electricity.  

Do you know the relationship between current, resistance and voltage? Do you also know that electrons have to move to let power flow?

Also includes: 


  • Specialized knowledge of electrical engineering, electronics as well as control and regulation  technology
  • The development and application of electronic components and circuits
  • Planning, programming, installing and repairing electrical devices and production systems
  • The monitoring and preventive maintenance, so that nothing stands in the way of a trouble-free operation

Facts electrical technician apprenticeship

Duration:3.5 - 4 years 
Specialisation:2 years electrical systems basic module 
1.5 years main module in systems and operations engineering
0.5 years automation and process control systems
Vocational school:Tyrolean vocational school for electrical engineering, communication technology and electronics in Innsbruck