Built close to nature

CLTPLUS ceiling elements

The new CERATIZIT production building at the Kreckelmoos site near Reutte has nothing to hide. 

Project data

2,350 m³ glulam, 2,430 CLTPLUS


Kreckelmoos, Tyrol, Austria

Production building

CO2 storage
Thanks to the enormous amount of glulam and CLTPLUS installed, the production building absorbs around 4,120 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Robert Kelca , GE,  Architect, Balteschwiler AG


In your opinion, what makes wood the perfect construction material for production buildings?

"The domestic construction material wood is particularly sustainable: It can be used on a modular basis, has a high degree of prefabrication, allows great flexibility for subsequent changes to the building and, above all, is reusable. All in all, this helps to reduce grey emissions and thus improve the CO2 balance. In addition, wood creates a pleasant working atmosphere for the occupants.”

Project partners

Wood construction
Holzbau Saurer GmbH & Co KG

ATP architekten ingenieure

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