The “Am Hirschen Grün” Project

An new hotel with a long-standing tradition including residential building for the centre of Salzburg

A hotel with a history that goes back to the 16th century and family who acquired the “Zum Hirschen” inn back in 1830. Just a few minutes' walk from Salzburg Central Station, it was renovated, completely refurbished and rebuilt in 2023 with modern architectural features. 

Project data

1.600 m³ CLTPLUS, 80 m³ glulam

Salzburg city centre

Hotel and residential building

Construction period
2022 - 2024

“We chose a timber-hybrid for construction because we liked how wood integrates into the environment and changes with the seasons. Wood just feels good. We will be able to see and feel it – on the façade and in the interior.”



Katharina Richter-Wallmann, client


Project progress at a glance

From planning to construction-site delivery

1. Joinery planning

Based on the submitted timber construction plan, our technical timber construction team developed a waste-optimised detailed plan for the three phases of construction, featuring all joinery details and lifting equipment, and determined the final nesting. The exchange of data for the entire project phase was processed through our B2B portal – TIM. 


2. Logistics planning

The panels, which were up to 16 metres long, created logistical challenges and each delivery had to be planned precisely in advance. Using loading space optimisation (LRO), it was possible to virtually determine the correct order of the individual components in advance.


3. Production and beam cutting

Based on the approved production and cutting plans, the components were manufactured using the latest production technology and subsequently processed in the joinery service centre with high dimensional accuracy and precise execution.


4. Delivery

For smooth and just-in-time delivery to the construction site, a detailed logistics concept was created in close cooperation with our client Zimmerei Rupert Burgschwaiger. More than 23 truckloads were planned and had to be delivered from mid-June 2023 within a specified time window, while taking all the challenges of the city centre into account. In addition to many other advantages, building with wood meant that only a quarter of the trucks were needed compared to alternative construction methods. 

The “Hirschengrün” project makes a significant contribution to development in the Elisabethvorstadt district of Salzburg through preservation and remodelling of its historic traditional hotel, urban densification in the city centre and contemporary timber construction methods.


Doreen Rehmer-Jeitler Arch. Dipl. Ing. (FH)
Project Manager Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten ZT GmbH

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