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Working in the lively showroom

The office tower in Assling, completed in 2021, offers THEURL employees a high-quality, contemporary and pleasant working environment – here, the synergy of family company philosophy and essence can be felt.

Project data

Office building

Assling, Tyrol

Construction time
06/2021 - 01/2022

Timber quantity
1000 m³ 

800 m³ CLTPLUS, 150 m³ glulam, 50 m³ construction and sawn timber with formwork

Project management


Theresa Theurl, THEURL Austrian Premium Timber


“For me, designing and building with wood means flexibility, speed and a huge feel-good factor. I can only see advantages here. In and of itself, the wooden shell is really cosy, and later on there is a particularly pleasant working atmosphere and, of course, a special scent. For me, wood simply radiates warmth and tranquillity.”

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