Smart Building with Wood

s`Bärahus in Feldkirch

The “City Office” is a seven-story new office building, prominently located at Vorarlberg's busiest intersection and colloquially known as s'Bärahus. The office building was planned by D2KP Architekten BDA, Munich. It was built by Rhomberg Bau, Bregenz, in cooperation with regional timber construction companies. Theurl supplied its expertise as well as its structural solid wood products.  

Project data

509 m³ CLTPLUS,
2.8 m³ glulam

Delivery period    
Mid-June 2022 to September 2022

Feldkirch, Austria

April 2023

“Thanks to a specially developed cargo space optimisation (LRO), the individual components can be loaded onto


the truck in the correct order of assembly. This saves a lot of time on site,”


explains Christian Wolsegger, Sales Manager at Theurl, explaining the smooth process.

Project partners

Wood construction 
Holzbau Rauch GmbH
Marte Holzbau GmbH

Total company
Rhomberg Bau GmbH

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