Hotel Astoria Bad Hofgastein

A healthy new start in wood

For several years, the venerable Hotel Astoria in Bad Hofgestein's prime location lay deserted. The former glory will now be resurrected under new ownership. The new owner, a Belgian tourism group specialising in health holidays in the mountains, is not only reviving the existing building through a partial general renovation, but is even implementing an extensive expansion. 

Project data

Spring 2021

Timber construction
Holzbau Egger

Amount of timber
650 m³ CLTPLUS, 70 m³ BSH

80 % visual quality, 20 % industrial quality

Timber master-builder Martin Egger

"The challenges in this project were the details and implementations for fire protection and sound insulation. When optimising the walls and ceilings, care was taken to use resources sparingly. The assembly sequence of the 4 floors was included in the factory planning. The new building was thus divided into 2 assembly sections and one level with the ceiling above was assembled in each assembly sequence. The exchange of data and the transfer of the Sema file among each other is indispensable for the factory planning stage. Comprehensive detail and execution planning before the start of construction is standard nowadays and saves additional costs and valuable time afterwards."

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