Kindergarten Gampern

A healthy space for the next generation

The construction of the new kindergarten building in Gampern brings huge improvements and benefits for the youngest residents of the municipality with 2,600 inhabitants located north of Lake Attersee. Provisionally, two groups have been given permission to swap their old rooms in the attic of the local elementary school for Kindergarten II, which was completed in 2022. Space is also available for an additional group, as well as a curative education group from the Lebenshilfe organisation, which was able to relocate from Attnang-Puchheim to Gampern.

Project data



Timber quantity &Products
290 m³ CLTPLUS, 42 m³ glulam spruce, 10 m³ glulam larch

Tragwerk+ Ingenieurholzbau GmbH

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