Living in Tivoligasse

A Green Oasis in Urban Surroundings

Located in Vienna's 12th district of Meidling, Tivoligasse is a perfect example of how urbanisation and green space are not necessarily mutually exclusive: for the client Palmers Immobilien, the team from the local architecture studio Freimüller Söllinger designed an ensemble of four loosely positioned buildings on a green deck. This led to the construction of 103 apartments, a supermarket, a bicycle garage, a community room, an underground car park and an openair deck right in the middle of the inner-city.

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Project data

CLTPLUS visible and industrial quality

Year of construction
2022/ 2023 completed in spring

Freimüller Söllinger Architektur ZT GmbH

Thanks to the enormous amount of CLTPLUS installed, the green residential district stores around 2,018 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere using 829 individual wooden components.

Regina Freimüller-Söllinger, Freimüller Söllinger Architektur ZT GmbH


In your opinion, why is timber the perfect building material for residential construction?
“In general, solid timber construction is climate-friendly, it stores a lot of CO2, and renewable resources are used in Austria. At the end of their lifespan, the houses are almost entirely recyclable. 
The buildings offer a very pleasant, comfortable living environment. And visible wooden elements, such as ceiling soffits, increase their feel-good factor. The exposed timber formwork on building facades exudes hospitality and warmth.
In inner-city densification, the high degree of prefabrication and short assembly times also highlight the advantages of wood in the city. Research on soundproofing and fire protection in large-volume residential construction is really just getting started.”

Sustainability in numbers

Timber construction company
Mhm Massiv – Holzbau GmbH

Vienna, Tivoligasse 11

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