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The residential project "Am Mühlebach"

The residential project "Am Mühlebach" in Rudolfstetten, Switzerland combines the best of two building materials. On a massive ground floor plinth, 28 residential units made of timber were installed in rapid succession. In the catchment area of Zurich, right next to the train station and in the newly structured village centre of Rudolfstetten, a residential and commercial building with 28 rental apartments is being built. They extend over the upper floors. The building has around 200 square metres of service space on the ground floor. The outdoor facilities are designed as a public space and are therefore open to all residents of the town and the users of the services on the ground floor. 

Project data

Residential and commercial building "Am Mühlebach" 


Construction period    
Year of construction 2021 - 2022

Timber quantity
308.19 m³ CLTPLUS ceiling elements for floors 1-6 and roof

Renggli AG

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