Project Twin²Sim

Smart building for FH Salzburg

The Twin²Sim project marks not only the largest single investment in the 25-year history of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (FH Salzburg), the research building on the Kuchl campus is also designed to be particularly smart and sustainable. The test centre for buildings and facades consists of a rotating test stand, test rooms and a multifunctional laboratory and is used for the integrated examination of complex building envelopes and building technology. The observation period of the individual functional parts ranges from two months to several years. The research focuses on simulation, modelling and the subsequent further development of so-called digital twins, which are created using precision measurements in virtual space.

Project data

Facade test stand and multifunctional laboratory



Timber quantity
165 m³ CLTPLUS cross-laminated timber
and 15 m³ glulam timber 

FH Salzburg

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