Children’s Nest Steinfeld

A regional project

The developers of the Children's Nest wanted to create a healthy living project for the smallest members of our community. The plan was to use a regional network to achieve this. 

Project data

December 2020

Construction period
4 months


Bgm. Ewald Tschabitscher

A "tree house" for our little ones – constructed of regional and natural material from our home country.

The market town of Steinfeld has entered into a future partnership with the „Kindernest GmbH“ for the care of our children from the age of 1 to 3. 
This quality of care is intended to help parents and single parents to organise their family and professional challenges more easily.

The natural product wood from our local environment has been placed deliberately in the centre of the "tree house" of the Kindernest GmbH, the new home for our little ones, for the purpose of enabling them to experience the quality of living that it offers. Local companies from Steindeld and the upper „Drautal“ executed this project, starting with the local timber construction company as general contractor, the regional producer of the CLT panels, the electrician, the plumber, the master-builder, the carpenter and the furniture maker ... - simply quality from our homeland!

Reinhold and Andrè Tschabitscher, Holzbau Tschabitscher GmbH

The fact that the children's nest in Steinfeld is a showcase project is evident in many ways. The use of natural materials is reported to have a positive effect on the children's sense of well-being. Local spruce and larch wood as well as mineral plastering are not only important in terms of sustainability, but also stand for regional origin.  
The regionalism is also evident in the collaboration with THEURL and other local companies: When all involved parties pursue a shared vision, trendsetting projects can be realised and contribute to beneficial development in the rural areas. We hope to work together with THEURL on other timber-construction-projects in the future!

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