Kellerberg Terrassen

Built on nature

Five storeys, 13 flats, 2,000 square metres commercial area: the Kellerberg Terrassen project in Bad Aibling, Upper Bavaria, embodies the zeitgeist, innovative building and a sustainable overall concept. The objective of the team at LABONTE Architektur – Städtebau, based in Rosenheim, was to incorporate nature into the building as a living environment. 

Ribbed ceiling

For a span greater than six metres, a ribbed ceiling offers an effective, economic solution distinguished by exceptional sturdiness, stability, and a high load capacity with low weight. Benefits which the users notice daily but will barely be consciously aware of: freedom, spaciousness and comfort surrounded by wood with a view of greenery.

Project data

570 m³ CLTPLUS, 47 m³ glued laminated timber, industrial 


Residential and commercial use at Bad Aibling

Thanks to the exceptionally high number of solid wood elements used in construction, the green residential building absorbs approximately 623 tons CO2 from the atmosphere by means of the 549 wooden elements

Project partners

Building contractor
Auerbau GmbH

LABONTE Architektur – Städtebau

Project management
WE GmbH, Geom. Werner Zimmerhofer

End client
Kellerberg-Terrassen Baubetreuungsgesellschaft mbH

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